[Event] Global Tech Companies Unite to Share DevRel Best Practices in Singapore

After going through many rounds of pizza, beers and meetups of developers, I can't help but feel that developers are a special class of people. Website, IOT, system, software, applications and so much more. Essentially, developers are truly creating the world we are living in, both online and offline.

Companies and communities rely on having a first-class software engineering team to bring everything consumers want and need. But what about the needs and wants of our developer communities? How is leadership cultivating a healthy and happy team? And what can leaders do to help developers set growth goals, beyond just coding?

Currently, I'm contemplating about organising a blockchain hackathon so I'm curious to find out what others have to say regarding the building a positive relationship with developers. And there is just this event that is happening soon, on November 2, 2018 at Huone, Clarke Quay.

DevRel Summit

DevRel Summit is hosting its annual event this year in Singapore, a key hyper-growth region, to bring influencers together to share best practices in working with developers. As an intensive one day session, this Summit is all about maximizing time spent away from the terminal to return with actionable and fresh leadership ideas.

Singapore serves as an ideal hub to propagate the shared growth mindset. The speakers for this year’s Summit include a diverse lineup from, Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, and all the iterations in between from the global developer community, including a strong line up from women directors as part of the Women Who Code network. The agenda includes talks from APAC focused startup companies such as Stripe and Go-Jek, as well as from fast growing public companies like Twilio. Afternoon discussion corners include case studies from Carousell, LINE and Shopify. The multi-distributed team perspectives will benefit everyone seeking best practices in developer engagement in current use within multiple industries. After all, technology is now core to every business practice, not just cutting-edge industries.

Presentation and discussion topics include:

  • How to grow and engage developers
  • Lessons learned can we share with each other
  • Measuring the engagement impact on developers
  • How we innovate ways we engage with an ever evolving developer ecosystem
  • How we continue to define developer relations within this unified global ecosystem

Some benefits of the events:

  • Insight into top industry DevRel engagement practices
  • Networking with peers who create DevRel strategy
  • Connecting with developer engagement experiences outside of the US/North America region

DevRel Summit 2018 is really about bringing attendees who are interested in building the developers community:

  • Leaders who are tasked with improving developer engagement
  • Directors looking for solutions to increase adoption and flatten learning curves
  • Executives exploring more opportunities in developer engagement practices
  • Job seekers looking to learn more about leading companies’ best practices
  • Students (aren’t we all?) interested in career opportunities beyond coding

DevRel Summit 2018{:target="_blank"} will be hosted in Singapore to ignite inclusive conversations on developer wants and needs with Investors, companies, and communities, worldwide. Thanks to our 2018 partner Twilio{:target="_blank"} for supporting this effort. Make sure to get your ticket{:target="_blank"} today!

See you there at the conference.

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