I'm doing this 1 thing to make progress in 2021

2020 will soon come to an end. It's almost as if nothing and everything happens this year. COVID-19, multiple countries lockdown, market crash, US elections, Australian wildfires, death of George Floyd, Beirut explosion.

Admittedly, I could have done more this year. But the mental distress initially from social isolation and staying home all the time has taken its toll on me.

I'm still grateful to have a job.

Some of the less fortunate among us experience a pay cut or even lose their jobs. In the meantime, our politicians are debating over a universal minimum wage of $1300 universal minimum wage of $1300. . The government has also rolled out various support scheme and grant for job seekers and workers. One of it being the SgUnited Skills programme, a full-time training programme, ranging from six to twelve months, aiming to train individuals to acquire industry-relevant skills, with a training allowance of $1200.

Reading some of the course outlines, I have thought in a few occasions to jump ship to upskill. As much as the government has multiple policies for lifelong learning, the support during this period is unprecedented. But still, many times, the practical side of me take hold of me. This thought makes me realise I need to start reevaluating my life.

Recently, I attended an options trading course. The biggest takeback that speaks to me is the importance of a mechanism. I've seen it in the tastytrade videos and heard it on the options bootcamp podcast.

To say that I have been gambling since my crypto trading days will be an understatement. I too have a process in place when I trade crypto. Mainly, what I do is to read the whitepaper to:

  • Determine the feasibility and marketability of the digital assets
  • Identify the problem statement and evaluate the technical suitability of implementing blockchain in the business model
  • Find out about the management team to see if they have sufficient expertise
  • Visit their various social media channels, be it telegram, discord or medium to see if there is a vibrant community. The success of a blockchain project is very much determined by the network value.

It seems to be sound in practice, but mainly looking back at my trades, it consists mainly of trading price actions till I got tired of all those things, so I left my coins in the state of "diversification". Which regrettably, I should have held mainly on bitcoin, just because it has outsurvived many other coins, which evaporated into non-existent.

But I'm stubborn, I don't know where to stop. Even when I get burned. Even when we at the state in which the market is balancing precariously due to COVID and the lack of vaccines and many other factors.

I want to have both career and financial progression in 2021. So the 1 thing that I'm going to do is to embark on a project that will combine my fascination with wealth creation and my skillset of programming.

I want to build a simple app that could analyse different tickers and evaluate the greeks of the options and the numerical evaluation of the underlying stock. I will be basing most of the theory based on Options as a Strategic Investment by Lawrence G. McMillan.

That's the 1 thing that I'm going to do to make progress in 2021.

What is the change that you are working towards?

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