A letter to myself in my early 20s. What will yours look like?

Do you take the time to reflect on your life?

If you could write a letter to yourself when you are younger, say in your early 20s, what will you say to yourself?

Many people will encourage you to enjoy the present or to work towards the future. However, looking back at how far you have traveled, will sometimes fuel you with the drive as well.

Once, I've written a letter for myself when I'm 25.

Now, this is a letter for me in my early 20s.

To Wing in her early 20s,

Many times, you will feel frustrated with the lack of progress in your life. But there will too be times when you are driven with the notion of invincibility, achieving what most couldn’t have.

Yes, you are different. Yes, you never try to shun from that.

Throughout your early 20s, you will have to bear the judgement of others. But I assure you that you will survive to be stronger. And you will definitely live life in your own terms.

Now, I’m in your late 20s, that’s about 2500+ days older than you are now.

Your early twenties will be an incredible journey.

Yes, you will be living your dream. And there will be a lifetime of stories waiting for you to experience.

Late 20s for you, as I am now, will hold stability, maybe much to your surprise.

Remember the year when you say that if you didn’t achieve what you set to achieve by 25, you will go to the path which many are? Well, you didn’t really reach where you foresee yourself, but neither did you embark on the conventional. But it is okay.

Looking back, I admire you for your passion, grit and determination.

There are many things that you shouldn’t do. But you will do it anyway. To be honest, life is still a mystery to me. What they feed you on, the linear route has never aligned its path to you.

There are many things that I wish I could correct you in your path.

Things like not to trust people so easily. To shun situations when you detect bullshit. To be able to discern a little better. To be a little more humble and to think a little further.

Regardless of what you will be going through, you will grow into a better person.

You have to choose to be better.

Like a wave that hits the beach again and again. Born and rebirth. Born and rebirth.

You will hold many dreams, you will test the limit of many things. You will realise that you will embark on things that will be time waster. You will soon to see that not all dreams are worth pursuing.

There will be choices that might initially look valuable and strategic but are in reality, are distractions.

But it is okay, because you are young, still in your early 20s, without much to commit.

Then again, even here, in my late twenties, I am still carving out my legacy bit by bit. You will never know what the future brings unless you embark on it.

Go forth with your adventure.

However, if there is one thing that I will want you to change, is perhaps to stay focus. Regardless of what other say, keep your eyes on your initial goal, that is to help others. Be careful not to fall into the allure of the glit and all that shimmers.

Life hold a mystery for you to discover.

And yes, you are a gem.

Thank you for your naivety. Thank you for your tenacious spirit.

This will be the story which we will write.

Because this is our destiny.

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